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In Search of Ghosts (America’s Ghost Towns)

In Search of Ghosts (America's Ghost Towns)

During our Route 66 trip we were intrigued by accounts of “ghost towns” that we’d heard about from other travelers who indicated where along the way we might find a few of these places (for a comprehensive listing of ghost towns along the Route 66 itinerary, see Ghost Towns of Route 66). Attracted by historical [...]

A “Grapes of Wrath” Moment…

A "Grapes of Wrath" Moment...

For some bizarre reason, camping at Bennett Spring State Park in Missouri reminded me of something from “Grapes of Wrath.” There isn’t really any logical connection. Bennett Spring is a nice modern comfortable state park, with camping, fishing, and lots of conveniences, certainly nothing like what dustbowl migrants experienced, even with the greatest stretch of [...]