On the Road: Gallery

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PORTFOLIO: NEW YORK (images from NYC, Long Island and the team’s send-off)

Our cross-country adventure left the East Coast from Long Island, NY, just 55 miles east of New York City. On this first step of our journey, we said “good-bye” to Manhattan’s familiar canyons of concrete and steel and to the rural beauty of Long Island’s East End. This portfolio includes a selection of imagery from the city, the island, and the team’s pre-departure celebration–including some fun aerial shots, and the big-bang bon voyage send-off … [ read more ]

PORTFOLIO: OHIO, CUYAHOGA VALLEY (images from the national park)

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park looked hauntingly beautiful when we arrived just after the rain stopped. It was the time of day when the wildlife came out to forage and we delighted in crossing paths. Camping at one of the Stanford House primitive tent sites, we were well-placed for a morning hike to the Brandywine Falls. This portfolio contains a selection of imagery from the area around the Stanford House sites, the hiking trail and the Falls. … [ read more ]

PORTFOLIO: ON THE ROAD TO CHICAGO (images from the drive)

It took two days to reach Chicago. This part of the drive was mostly on the interstate, but as we approached the city, the skyline seemed to rise up out of the flatlands of the mid-west, beckoning us to a comforting urban environment that we would find somehow familiar. This portfolio contains a selection of imagery from the approach to Chicago. … [ read more ]

PORTFOLIO: CHICAGO — THE CITY (images of the city)

Chicago is an eastern city at heart. Built upwards, instead of out, with skyscrapers defining its skyline, it reminds us a lot of New York. We are comfortable in this gritty urban landscape, where lines are predominantly vertical, and light and shadow play off architectural cues creating a photographic paradise. This portfolio contains a selection of imagery from the Chicago cityscape. … [ read more ]

PORTFOLIO: CHICAGO GANGSTER FUN (images from 1920s gangster themed attractions)

Some quirky fun on the 1920s gangster theme in Chicago. Spent a day with the gang from The Untouchable Gangster Tour, followed by an evening at Tommy Gun’s Garage. Great fun was had by all. This portfolio contains a selection of imagery from the gangster prohibition-era themed attractions … [ read more ]

PORTFOLIO: ILLINOIS ROUTE 66 (images from the drive)

Illinois Route 66 takes us out of urban Chicago and into small town America. This is the flat and level terrain of the mid-west, where corn is king. We follow the road into rural towns, like Atlanta, with beautifully restored Main Streets that make us feel like we have stepped back in time. This portfolio contains a selection of imagery from Illinois Route 66 including the town of Atlanta, Tall Paul and The Palms Grill … [ read more ]

PORTFOLIO: MISSOURI ROUTE 66 (images of Missouri 66 highlights)

On Missouri Route 66 we stop for a bit of rafting on the Meramec River, before getting back on the road. We follow the old road as much as possible, and make a few interesting stops along the way. The “Tribute to the Trail of Tears” in Jerome, is hauntingly beautiful even though it is overgrown and abandoned. Our favorite stop was the Gay Parita Sinclair station where we were warmly welcomed by Gary Turner. This portfolio contains a selection of imagery from Missouri Route 66 including the Meramec River, Tribute to the Trail of Tears and Gary Turner’s “Gay Parita Sinclair” station… [ read more ]

PORTFOLIO: KANSAS ROUTE 66 (images of Kansas 66 highlights)

The drive through Kansas is short, but we enjoy the stretch architecturally authentic American Main streets. Felt like we were driving through a movie-set, as the visual style began to resemble something familiar from old western films. This portfolio contains a selection of imagery from Kansas Route 66 including the stenciled “66″ on cracked asphalt and a deserted Main Street… [ read more ]

PORTFOLIO: OKLAHOMA ROUTE 66 (images of Oklahoma 66 highlights)

Oklahoma Route 66 contains more of the Mother Road’s original alignments than any other state, and includes a very narrow section of the original paved route — the 9-foot-wide “sidewalk highway.” We were driving through a landscape of flat wide-open grassy plains with endless horizons and lots of cows. Small towns proud of their heritage, a mix of legend and history, that tells a nation’s story from the ground up … [ read more ]

PORTFOLIO: PALO DURO CANYON, TX (highlights from Palo Duro)

Palo Duro Canyon, just outside Amarillo, is a magnificent natural wonder. With awe-inspiring red cliffs, and bright banded layers of colors representing four different geologic periods spanning over 240 million years, its buttes and mesas define a rugged skyline. Exploring the trails nestled in between gullies and brush, we discover a surprising variety of plants and wildlife. And we even get to have some good old Texas fun at the park’s Pioneer Ampitheater, where each night in summer the “Texas” musical drama is performed with the canyon itself as the stage set … [ read more ]