Some friends, a Jeep, and a dream…

It started out simple enough — the old “wouldn’t it be fun to…” kind of  idle chat between two friends on a lazy summer afternoon.

“Wouldn’t it be fun to take the Jeep and drive Route 66 to California…”

Between us, Niki and I had done an awful lot of traveling over the years. And even after Dimitri was born, we continued to travel around, introducing him to the magic of the road from an early age. So why not take on Route 66?

After years of working in conflict zones around the globe, a simple old-fashioned “road trip” across the U.S. would be easy. Or not…

We began planning what has evolved into “The Great American Road Trip 2010,” a multi-faceted nomad adventure to re-discover that mythical “America” we’ve always heard about.

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  1. CactusKiller says:

    … Yes, it always begins with a simple “wouldn’t it be fun to …” and then !

    … and then the dream is beginning today, for us, from Paris!

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