Review: Tommy Gun’s Garage, Chicago

Tommy Gun’s Garage is a “Roaring 20’s”-themed dinner theatre venue that recreates the “speakeasy” atmosphere centered around a musical-comedy review.

It’s a brilliantly simple concept: the whole place is the “stage” and everyone is part of the show. From the moment you arrive outside, the experience begins as “Gloves,” the “gangster” at the door, demands the password (which you received when you made your reservation). One of the gang then escorts you to your table, engaging you in conversation while you’re walking through the fabulously decorated garage-turned speakeasy. Perioid music plays in the background as a flapper takes your order (dinner selections are pretty standard, family-friendly, restaurant food, but a creative drink menu let’s the over-21s enjoy the “hooch.”)

The speakeasy “staff,” who are also the actors in the “stage show” that follows the meal, remain in character for the entire evening, and work hard to keep everyone entertained — even while serving dinner. Making the rounds of the tables, they interact with audience members and incorporate tid-bits gleaned from these conversations throughout the performance. There is plenty of prohibition-era memorabilia around the “garage,” and you are free to wander over for a closer look at things like “the Boss’s” 1928 Model “A” Ford.

Soon the cabaret-style “show” begins. The humourous song-and-dance fest might be interrupted by a “raid” however, and that is when the audience participation really comes into play.

Tommy Gun’s is a great spoof on the prohibition-era gangster theme, and the actors do an amazing job, improvising with the audience members to create a unique and personalized experience — the show is different every night.

Be prepared to join in the fun, and you will have a memorable “laugh out loud” evening.


Details: TOMMY GUN’S GARAGE (website): 2114 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL 60616 • Phone: 773-RAT-A-TAT. Tommy Gun’s Garage is an Audience Interactive “Speakeasy” that offers a musical comedy review wit da gangsters, da flappers and YOU!!!!!(uh, dat’s audience participation). After a delicious sit-down dinner, join “Vito”, “Gloves”, and da “gangsters” and da “flappers” for non-stop comedy and dangerous fun. You will be transported back to da 1920’s complete wit da boss’s 1928 Model “A” Ford, Roaring Twenties music and memorabilia from da Twenties. Da mugs and da molls dance and sing da Charleston and udder musical selections from Cole Porter to George Gershwin, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and more…. All played by Chicago’s Sinfully Orchestra. Be ready to hide your hooch (alcohol) cause we could get raided by da coppers at anytime. Be careful, you could get pulled up on stage at any time to perform a sobriety test given by Officer Murphy.

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