Fragments from the Road to Chicago

Two days on the road so far, and we’ve already crossed several states — from NY to Chicago. Pennsylvania seemed endless yesterday. Luckily we were well rewarded in the evening. Our campsite was very beautiful, on the banks of the Cuyahoga River, not far from a cascading waterfall. Freshly cut, like a crop circle, into the tall grass that almost served as “walls,” the site was perfect, and we got the tent up in no time. Then the familiar pleasure of the fire…

Morning found us again gathered around the embers, over a steaming pot of Turkish coffee. Next a nice little hike to start the day. “Silly Squirrel” and “Blue Coyote” seemed to find pleasure in every detail: the ferns, wild mushrooms, the flowers — anything became a pretext to make a pretty photo! Meanwhile, “Cactus Killer” (that’s me), needed to burn some energy, walking and walking fast, to feel the freedom!

Back in the Jeep, driving on the interstate in Ohio or Indiana, we saw her. How wonderful she was, the old lady on the motorcycle! She had to be at least 65, and she had a nice 3-wheeler, maybe a Harley (I don’t know enough about bikes to tell). In any case, it had class. They both had class — the granny and the bike. Riding alone on the highway on her motorcycle … she was aspirational. Bravo!

First impression of Chicago is that it has a lot in common with NYC, a city we already know. Or more precisely, how NYC used to be: the elevated subway lines and the old industrial buildings right near the city center — not sure if they are still in use, there’s a lot of rusted metal…

1000 miles done, and looking at where Chicago is on the map, we begin to realize how truly vast the U.S.A. is!

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